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Taxpayers of the World Unite

Patrice3 Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 10:07 AM
Remember, it the socialistic school systems that have engrained them with the idea that their self-worth (measured by how much they parrot the Marxist message) is tied to their convictions - namely, justify their laziness and call it being "against corporate greed"... tools.
For all the hysterics and twisting of Mitt Romney's comments, something was revealed that already was simmering in plain sight. Those carrying the load are tired. They are tired of paying high taxes and getting nothing but grief for their efforts. This isn't an American phenomenon - yet. But, all around the world for the last few years it's becoming apparent that workers and producers want to distance themselves from non-workers and non-producers.

Northern Italy is leaning toward a move to reinstate borders from before the country was unified so the industrious part of the nation can keep more of the prosperity...
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