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Once again, the left makes the story about themselves. Beheadings and burning people alive are awful, but having to view said atrocities - the humanity of it all. The complicit mainstream media has created this monster. They adapt their narratives to represent zealots and thugs as justified victims, never realizing that the pandering and kowtowing only serves to embolden their resolve. The media willingly assails Christians, the military, the Tea Party, etc. knowing full well that these groups are safe to target and malign. It's all about appearing to support the underdog, while unintentionally creating these radical elements. No need to examine the unintended consequences when your only intent is "feeling good about yourself".
Why can't they take the legal route "out of love for their families"?
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Defense Against Demagogues

Patrice13 Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 8:08 AM
michigander4 - on the surface it may look that way. We have friends who own a station right next to a freeway, and they do charge 30 cents per gallon more than stations nearby. When gas prices were at their peak, they were making 14 cents per gallon (roughly 3.5 cents on the dollar). The parent company was charging them more for the fuel. No amount of pleading with that company could make them lower the cost. Their choice was to continue doing what they were doing or lose money on fuel in order to get customers into their store.
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NFL Tough Guys Need Dads, Too

Patrice13 Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 7:16 AM
Another great article. Fathers matter.
Collective is the key word. Socialism, Progressivism, Marxism, Communism, Nazism, tribalism, unionism - all from the same leftist mentality of collectivism. Top down rule (financially as well as life decisions) enforced by coercion. Collectivism is uncompatable with liberty and individuality.
Nice breakdown, Pistol.
I agree Anthony123 - she will do anything for attention.
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#AllLivesMatter? Not So Much

Patrice13 Wrote: Jan 03, 2015 9:19 AM
Liberal "facts" are derived from laziness - the end result. The decisions, actions and thinking which lead to an end result matter not. Equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.
du2 - proof once again that we have an entire generation that equates difference of opinion with rejection. No wonder we cannot have meaningful discussion. Reflex reactions and spontaneous lectures.
ericynot1 -The uptick in self-destructive behavior, attention-whoring, self-medicating and yes - even suicide - are all symptoms of the politicalization grasping this country. We no longer allow kids to be kids. They are dragged into the public political arena from a young age. The very first coverage I saw on this incident was a statement from the victim hoping for meaning to arise from this death. What teenager who hasn't been inundated with activism and victimization thinks like that? My kids were worried about grades, sports and getting a license. These kids are mouthpieces for the garbage schools and the liberal media heap on them.
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