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verycold - In their quest to not be "objectified", feminists have objectified their unborn children, A bundle of cells...
American citizens would not willingly give up their first amendment rights (religion, conscience protections, association). That is the intent of this administration - to undermine constitutional rights. Because our Constitution was framed around the idea of freedom of choice paired with reward/consequence (thing "original sin"), setting religion up as the straw man is the obvious way to lay groundwork for erosion of civil liberties. I don't expect non-Christians to defend religion, but I do expect them to defend their constitutional rights, even if it does involve defending Christian establishments. They are unwittingly laying the groundwork for their own loss of liberty.
They are fine with baking the cake or selling cookies and pastries to the customers. The offense is in having to write an anti-Christian message on said cake. The gay couples are seeking out Christian businesses to harass and intimidate. If the gay wedding is supposed to be about love, why involve people who do not share the views of the couple to participate on any level? A wedding that starts on this attention-getting, faith-bullying footing seeems to be very little about love.
James - would you support forcing a bakery to decorate cupcakes with a pro-K.K.K. message? Or an anti-Muslim message? If it was the only baker in a 50 mile radius, I might agree ever so slightly with you. Truth is, most of these couples are targeting Christian businesses simply out of a desire to exert control over them. As to Red Dog's comparison of other sins, those sinners are not forcing a business to take an objectionable action. A more correct comparison would be for Christians to force a gay person to marry the opposite sex - commit an action contrary to their personal beliefs. There's a big difference between simply disagreeing and forcing actions.
Love Mike Rowe - he has drawn the ire of the left with his common sense dialog about the problems that plague this country.
The gap corresponds directly to the "time gap". Those who sacrifice their time by working 40+ hours a week for 35-40 years will be on the higher end of the income spectrum. I will have worked 80,000 hours by the time I retire. I have done so with the aim to be able to comfortably afford my TIME, without being burdensome to my family or society. Those who value free time over financial security and planning for the future have chosen their sacrifice. Until they find a way to share their free time, they do not get the shared sacrifice of the fruits of my labor.
Respect and dignity, the union way.
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The Inequality Bogeyman

Patrice13 Wrote: Jan 28, 2014 2:19 PM
Also not mentioned is the inequality in work hours. I will have logged around 80,000 in my working life. What about second and third generation welfare recipients - those whom Obama would love to share my wealth with...
Whitebeard - the origination case has begun and is making it's way through the courts. Ultimately, I believe Roberts' move will prove to be a brilliant end run around the bullying administration. Let's hope!
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