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No More "Mr. Obama Is a Nice Guy"

PatInTexas Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 7:44 AM
Well, there you go again. Can't address the ideas or the statements in the article so you attack the person. How original. How refreshing. Yawn. Just one more tiny piece of evidence the conservatives are correct.
There is a reflexive desire among a certain species of moderate Republicans to be perceived as "civil" by liberal opponents who believe that the mere existence of free-market, limited-government conservatism is an indecent affront to humankind. All aboard the U.S.S. Lost Cause.

This disastrous, bend-over bipartisanship is a hard habit to break. In 2008, Arizona Sen. John McCain rode the "Barack Obama is a nice guy, but vote for me" wave to crashing defeat. In 2012, McCain's endorsee, Mitt Romney, has made "Barack Obama is a nice guy but in over his head" a standard stump-speech talking point.

Conservatives of good will who've...