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Dupes for the State

PatInTexas Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 7:10 AM
Jim Crow laws were fought FOR by southern Democrats. JFK and brother Bobby (Catholics by the way) were strongly cautioned to not interfere with the Democrats "down south". Sorry fella - (or is it feminist?). You are EXACTLY what the article is about. A Dupe for the State. And, God help us, you can probably vote. Several times. No wonder the country is in a mess.
Public misunderstanding, ignorance and possibly contempt for liberty play into the hands of people who want to control our lives. Responses to my recent column "Compliant Americans" brought this home to me. In it, I argued that the anti-tobacco movement became the template and inspiration for other forms of government intrusion, such as bans on restaurants serving foie gras, McDonald's giving Happy Meals with toys, and confiscating a child's home-prepared lunch because it didn't meet Department of Agriculture guidelines. A few responses read like this: "Smoking is different because that actually affects other people. We should be living by the notion...