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In order to look in one of my windows, you have to be tresspassing. That is a crime.
Excellent point - and points to the ideas in the article. But since Mr Chellew looks like an Irishman's son, not many in Washington DC will give a tinker's dam.
I think if we followed the Constitution (the original), everything else would take care of itself - jobs especially.
And if memory serves, Perry had a perfect opportunity to support the governor of Arizona on border control. And he did not do it. The two states together might have had some momentum. Disappointing.
Yep Perry worked hard on the NAFTA superhighway. And the good folks of Texas hated it, didn't want it and so far, it's kindof faded away, into the background.
Our primary is normally early, in March. Eric Holder forced us to postpone our primary in the last presidential election until May. Santorum was leading here, and had a reasonable chance to get the nomination IF our primary had been held when it was supposed to be. By May, the primary had been settled and Texas had no say. by design.
Agree with that - the media and "advisors" chose the Republican candidates in almost every race that mattered. And chose the wrong ones.
In fact, Perry returned the campaign contribution to Merck ($6000 I'm pretty sure) and REVERSED his position on HPV vaccinations after be pressured by his constituents and the REPUBLICAN legislature. That is EXACTLY what I want a politician to do - listen to us, not to Merck, not to his "advisors", not to Washington DC. Yes, it would be a thousand times better for our politicians to already share our views. I too would just be eccstatic over Ted Cruz as the next president. Can he get there from here? Some day, for sure. Next time around? He is very very valuable in the Senate. Is that a better place for him for four years? Or the Vice Presidency first, for four or eight? How bad would a loss hurt him in the next go-round or his influence in the Senate. Most of the "also rans" influence seems to be somewhat diminished. I think those are some of the most important questions we have to answer.
Orthodoxa, my dad was in WWII also (Pacific theater, Army Air Corp, Distinguished Flying Cross and others). My condolences to you, and I am so so sorry your dad had to know about the incident you described. Wish he could have been spared that. I hope you are wrong about Perry thinking those pukes should be citizens. I would appreciate any articles you have on the subject. Thanks.
I'm curious - do you (Orthodoxa) live in Texas? If not in any border state?
I hate to state the obvious, but Rick Perry doesn't control the McAllen school district. Do you know where McAllen is located? Didn't think so. Does the term Maquiladora Program mean anything to you? Do you know what is to the WSW of McAllen? Do you know why McAllen is about 19th in city size but consistantly 4th or 5th in retail sales in Texas? McAllen is 77 percent Hispanic/Latino with 59 percent of households married and living in the same house (that usually means with kids in school). There's a reason we call the "Independant School districts" in Texas. Rick Perry just showed he was consistantly pro-life. I can provide links and copies of tweets. I'd like to see your evidence that he is "in allegiance with the corrupt criminals profiting off the Mexican invasion". Got any? I don't care too much for Perry. He is a politician to his very core. That said, I can't think of a single governor of any other state that has allowed their state to survive the worst Obama, his DOJ and EPA have thrown at them the way Perry has done for Texas. And if by any chance you live here, you are welcome to take I30, I40 or I35 out anytime for better pickin's anywhere else. Like Jerry Brown and California.
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