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Elizabeth Warren Dances With Lies

patfish Wrote: May 10, 2012 4:16 PM
My question is....at what point do we all just confirm that a politico is lying, let us all agree that this is a lie, we've had enough, we need to move on, Warren lied about her Indian heretage, let's mark it down and call it a point against her? How many lies on top of lies does she have to say before the gauntlet is thrown down and hey, it's a lie, we got lives, we need to agree it's a lie? First she says it's documented but it's some scribble on a post-it note and don't count. Then there's the story of the cheekbones....positively insulting. Then she claims she didn't check the box for reasons to benefit her..... It never is resolved with a finality. I need to hear the gavel, the pound of the public judge.."GUILTY OF LYING" .
Republicans fighting back. Dag. Haven't heard a word from Boehner or Mumble McConnell refuting this war on women but I suppose in due course?
What a horrible, horrible thing to say. I heard the fine, fine Obamer campaign team ascertained that Ann Romney would be too likeable so they began a war on HER. It backfired so bad I kind of smile. But more than anything, I ponder how very sad that this awful Rosen woman and Democrat mouthpiece would be so nasty over a woman who survived breast cancer, raised five boys and lives with MS. What awful people.
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