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Gee, and all this time I thought it had something to do with that maxim about "doing unto others."
Of course that was before the Fourteenth Amendment was enacted.
That's logical? I suppose you don't see that it applies equally to people of faith.
And what makes a "radical fringe group" besides your disagreeing with their positions on some issues? As for the judiciary, last time I checked, the Supreme Court was the arbiter of constitutionality --- and had been since the beginning of the 19th century (Marbury v. Madison). In other words, that Court's decision in Roe v. Wade WAS constitutional by definition, and is the law of the land, whether you agree with it or not. In the Proposition 8 case the Supreme Court refused to review the decision from the Court below, tacitly endorsing its decision. Didn't they teach Civics at your high school? Or did you cut class the day they talked about the Federal judiciary?
Actually, "you shall know a man by his literacy," and literate people NEVER use a possessive pronoun ("fruit's") when they mean to designate the plural number.
Ummmm.... breaking news: there is no longer a USSR, and there hasn't been for more than two decades.
Is Adolph Hitler the deity of a particular religious group? Didn't know that.
"Establishment" also pertains to preference given one religion over another. States are not allowed to do what Congress is forbidden to do. Do you think a State could make Hinduism its "official religion" tomorrow, even if a majority of its residents wanted to?
And to think, all these years I thought it was the horns and red union suit.
That's OK IF you happen to believe in the Judeo-Christian deity. Guess what? Not everybody does.
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