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The figure is "only" 40 billion a month. My bad..
Nowhere in the campaign did I hear anyone tell the American people that we borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend. Even the dumbest rube knows you can't keep that up indefinitely. They just didn't know enough to make an intelligent decision. And it's our fault. That said the constant drone of "Tax the rich" will soon be fulfilled. The real fun will be when the public learns you can't collect enough to even make a small dent in the mess we have. Who will be the boogeyman then? The folks that make the ink we use to print the 80 billion "Ben Bucks" a month - of money created out of thin air ?
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G.W. was MIA

Pat Alexander Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 1:16 PM
Bush never stood up against the MSM for himself when he was in office. Why would you expect him to now? Sorry. I voted for Bush twice. What choice was there, though? "Ozone Chakra" Al followed by a Male Hanoi Jane... That said, he was a simply awful president. Especially in his 2nd term. Someone as totally inexperienced as BHO couldn't have ever been elected without a Bush to follow. All he had to do was be the anti-Bush. And make McCain "Bush." It was so easy. When Bush hugged McCain, he might as well have given him the kiss of death. the picture was EVERYWHERE. I think if Mitt would have seen him coming, he may have broken in to a run. Yeah, a Bush endorsement would have fixed everything, but not in this dimension...
Lot of condemnation here. He's human. So what?? Women like powerful men. It's a fact. The fire at home was obviously out for a while. I thought his wife was Danny DeVito in drag. Sorry, but hard on the eyes. Just a fact. At least he wasn't boffing some ugly dog like Clinton's babes. Clearly, this was known when he was vetted for the CIA job. They wanted to have him under control, so he didn't ever attempt to run for President. Actually he is starting to remind me of Ike and JFK and others...
Do you even know what "Venture Capital" is? Companies that can't borrow money from the banks or the government(SBA) go to sources like Bain Capital. Sometimes they don't make it and yes, the assets are sold to pay the investors back at least some of their investment. Bain however, has had an outstanding record of bringing companies back from the brink. Learn what you are talking about instead of spouting what Barrie and Uncle Joe scream in your gullible ears...
Wow! Lots of pointless drivel on this thread! But I digress. What we are dealing with here is a severe case of arrested development, brought on by heavy drug use in his youth. He will never progress past the mental age of 18 or so. I have seen this close up many times. It is easily recognized when you are familiar with it. If you have ever argued with a male teenager, you will immediately recognizance the symptoms. Remember the old saying "Hire a teenager, while they still know everything?" He got the Nobel Prize for not being Bush, who was really a terrible president. If he hadn't been, there is no way this guy could have been elected. The experiment will soon be over, though. Here's hoping we survive.
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Obama, the Great Divider

Pat Alexander Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 7:49 AM
The saddest part of this is he was given a great opportunity to make a wide range of positive change in this country. More than ANY president in modern times. Maybe ever.. Instead what the voters got - was NOT what they bought. They voted for Dudley Do-right and got Snidely Whiplash... There will be an accounting someday for his massive self inflicted failures, but it won't be before any earthly judge. Hopefully he will be tossed from office in November. In the meantime we are stuck with what basically amounts to a common con man sitting in the oval office..
It's not enough. Up the ante to a couple hundred grand for each school and we will be reading them next week...
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Obama: Tebow Didn't Build That!

Pat Alexander Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 7:32 AM
There is nothing of any goodness this guy won't attack. Nothing But don't worry about him being the Antichrist. The Antichrist won't need a teleprompter to avoid making a certified perfect clown of himself...
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