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The Republicans are the gutless wimps we thought they were. And now they are trying to foist Jeb on us. God help us
I guess I don't understand liberal thought. How can it be a right to work here if they are here illegally? For all of you unemployed, lower wage workers, here is how the Democrat Party treats you. They are keeping you wages lower by importing cheaper competition. They are screwing you and the rest of America. That goes for the Chamber of Commerce Republicans too, who like cheap labor, regardless of its cost on the rest of us.
Who really thought Obama was electable in 2006? He did, and so did a few others. So don't dismiss who you think is unelectable. Let them fight for it and see if they can convince you, and many others, to vote for them
Ted Cruz came out with a short list and it wasn't an ambiguous line like, "The central moral promise of American life, to move up the income ladder based on merit, hard work and earned success." What pap that is to the masses. We want something not done, but changed. I wonder what they think we were voting on this last fall?
23% in the poll. So that's the number of establishment, big government types in the GOP? Join, No Push for Bush. I just made that up, but it sounds good.
No Bush damn it!!
Chloe Angyal say, "It is hard to read an article like this and avoid the conclusion that we live in a culture that hates women, just hates us. It's hard to read an article like this and conclude that the men in this culture, the boys and men in this culture, are raised to see women as not just less than them but in some cases as less than human." This stupid woman fails to realize that if she lived in the Middle East, not only would she not be allowed to spout this drivel, she would truly see just how a culture which hates women treats women.
Jon Roberts ought to be burned in effigy. The other four who voted for it on the Supreme Court were known leftists, who would sell their soul for power and acceptance.If the Republicans fail to repeal or even attempt to repeal Obamacare, they should not wonder why they have a challenge in the primary.
Hilary and now Jeb want in the White House. Have we no real leaders?
I already voted for him.
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