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Jon Roberts ought to be burned in effigy. The other four who voted for it on the Supreme Court were known leftists, who would sell their soul for power and acceptance.If the Republicans fail to repeal or even attempt to repeal Obamacare, they should not wonder why they have a challenge in the primary.
Hilary and now Jeb want in the White House. Have we no real leaders?
I already voted for him.
Endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce? Does that mean Cotton is for amnesty? That's not the ringing endorsement I would want.
It's forced borrowing. Every pre-payment for future retirees health care that hasn't been paid for the last several years has been added to their $15 billion borrowing limit. As "worker" above wrote, no company, anywhere, pays 75 years into the future in a 10 year period. And only about a third do any pre-funding at all. 85% of the borrowing limit was for the pre-payment. It would be interesting to see if private companies would deliver to remote places, as the USPS does. What the tax payers do subsidize is free matter for the blind and the franking privilege for Congress. Don't get me wrong, the PO is run by absolute morons, but it does OK in spite of that.
Immigration is just the last straw for many people. You are not listening to us. You spend only slightly less than Democrats. You are not fighting to limit government, but on a fast train to hell to limit us. And still, you can't hear us. Get the Hell OUT!
If you want to connect with workers, raise hell about the illegal immigration problem, and how it's driving down wages. All of this while we have high unemployment. I object to trying to get blacks or Hispanics to look at conservatives the way you wrote. The way you put it makes it appear to be pandering to them, as if the message we have has to be tailored to them. Explain how the policies help everyone, including them. It's the democrats who divide and pander to their base.
Lois, you twit. We are concerned about the costs of Obamacare, and numerous other things the government does where it has no authority. Why the Hell do you think we have a 17 trillion dollar debt? Your pied piper had lead you to your doom.
I think I should write these down as I remember most of them being said, but I couldn't recall them if I was asked.
So disagreement with a president, just because he is black, is racist. And switching parties to get elected and lying through your teeth is an honorable thing to do. Right. Gotcha
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