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Obama, DNC Suing Ohio Over Military Early Voting Law

Pat68 Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 11:28 PM
The law suit in NO WAY supresses the military vote. The law suit only wants to restore three days of early voting for ALL citizens that Ohio GOP-led state legislature eliminated in 2011. So, you can stop with the big lie.

The Obama administration and the DNC have filed a lawsuit in Ohio, frustrated with a new procedure in the state to allow only military to vote up until the Monday before election day. Fox News reports:

Top Obama campaign officials told Fox News in interviews that the lawsuit in no way tries to restrict the voting rights of military members. All they are trying to do is even the playing field for all voters in Ohio by allowing early voting up until Monday for everyone, including members of the military, because they believe a two-tiered, early-voting process...

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