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Why Are the Feds Trying to Kill Tombstone?

Pat5330 Wrote: May 17, 2012 8:04 AM
Well, I have no horse in this race. Sorry. The water was coming from the mountains, but it was being shared by landowners in the immediate area. Tombstone did NOT have a right to ALL the water from the two canyons. It never did. Tombstone diverted water that belongs to other people. When you live in the desert, you understand what that means. It is a vicious attack on other people. You don't do that.

In Arizona, it's no surprise that water can be hard to come by, but why is the federal government is cutting off the water supply to the famous Old West town of Tombstone?  

Nearly a year ago, Tombstone's water supply lines were heavily damaged in a flood after a heavy rain due to a massive wildfire leaving loose soil in the area. (Read this article to find out why we can thank the Forest Service for catastrophic wildfires)

Since the damage, Tombstone residents have been fighting to repair the water lines, but because they run through...