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How about the Sierra Vista Herald? Their reporting has been pretty objective, and they're right in the area and know what is going on.
It's so interesting how people who don't know a thing about the area choose to pontificate. The Sierra Vista Herald, where I get a lot of my information, is the local paper in Sierra Vista, which is an Army town. They're about as conservative as they come. The SV Herald has been far more objective about the situation than this report. The reporter who wrote originally, from WND, didn't bother to get both sides.
Well, I have no horse in this race. Sorry. The water was coming from the mountains, but it was being shared by landowners in the immediate area. Tombstone did NOT have a right to ALL the water from the two canyons. It never did. Tombstone diverted water that belongs to other people. When you live in the desert, you understand what that means. It is a vicious attack on other people. You don't do that.
they have a putative right to the water they had already been taking. But they had NO right to block access to other people's property, ignore people's property lines, and wreak havoc on private property up there. I am really upset that so many conservative sites are circulating this FALSE INFORMATION. I know some of the people involved, and I know the area. I have driven one of the roads they messed up, a number of times. I have read many local newspaper accounts of what is going on, and have actually talked to some of the landowners affected. Don't be so quick to take sides in this one. Learn the facts FIRST, before you go blaming this on the federal government. If conservative sites can't be counted on for objective reporting, they
Now that they have been stopped from doing further damage, they're upset. Never mind that they essentially destroyed the ability to make money from income property in the area, which depends on the water to which THEY (the owners) are entitled. These people are being run roughshod over by Tombstone. Tombstone has a huge water tank that is damaged, and has lost 300,000 gallons of water, and Tombstone refuses to repair it. The water rights granted to the patentees were granted by federal law. I would be shocked if Tombstone contested the grant of water rights at the time, and absent any assertion of water rights at the time, they are forever barred. Yes, they have letters (informal), and yes, they have a putative right to the water they had
This report is GROSSLY inaccurate, and completely biased. The facts are these: Yes, the wildfires followed by monsoon rains dumped huge boulders and did other damage. What is being ignored is that Tombstone DOES NOT OWN all the water rising and flowing in two canyons in the Huachuca Mountains. There are numerous landowners in the area, who got water rights by virtue of their predecessors having been issued patents, which are the underlying titles. The water rights go with these titles. To begin with, Tombstone went in there like gangbusters, to restore the water lines. They took heavy equipment up the mountain, cut down trees on national forest land without permission, and diverted and stole water from the landowners in the area. Now that
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