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Do you have ANY IDEA how MANY of those complications were caused by prior abortions? I didn't THINK so. Take a look at Ireland. They have the best record for maternal and infant mortality in the world. They don't allow abortion. If you want to prevent women from dying in childbirth, STOP ABORTION.
Less than 40, the year before Roe v Wade legalized abortion nationwide, and remember, there were already over 100,000 abortions being done, in New York, California, Colorado, etc., and I doubt seriously if those abortion mills were any safer than the ones we have now. But now, we have women dying right after abortion, or later dying from breast cancer (1/4 of the women who get breast cancer because of abortion die from it), we have premature babies developing SERIOUS birth defects because their mothers had an abortion before, we have miscarriages, women dying from complications of childbirth caused by a previous abortion, commmitting suicide, being victims of homicide and accident, developing severe emotional, spiritual, and medical problems, and being haunted the rest of their lives, and so forth. Legal abortion is one gigantic fraud. Women are led to believe it's safe. It is NEVER safe to do THAT much damage to a woman's body. And that's what is required, because our bodies were designed to protect our children. I'm afraid your comment is utter nonsense.
This article is a little mlsleading. Women deserve not to have an abortion in the first place. In fact, we deserve legal protection from abortionists. A law such as the one in Texas is a good start, but that's all it is. Abortionists rape women with surgical instruments (yes, all women who have surgical abortions are being raped), they commit mass axe-murder by chopping women's very own children into mincemeat, and they poison mothers and babies. We deserve better. We need a society where women's ability to bear children is celebrated and protected, not one where men take advantage of women sexually and then often force or coerce the woman into abortion. To say that the Texas law is protecting women who deserve safe conditions is to say that a law like this will protect anyone short of closing down all the shoddy abortionists. Hey, they're all shoddy, so closing them down is fine with me, but let's not have the illusion that women who are being coerced MERELY deserve safe abortions. We deserve to be protected from abortion.
I understand. You want us women NOT to have legal protection against abortionists and boyfriends who coerce them into abortion. You lie to us about the baby, saying he is part of our bodies. And you call that control of our bodies and lives. No way, Jose'. Take your abortions and stuff them where the sun don't shine. Funny how a man will say stuff like that. If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a capital offense.
Hate to say it, but refusing benefits with the father in the home chases millions of fathers away. It weakens the family. It's just another poorly conceived governmental method to try to cut costs.
Just because a baby dies very, very young doesn't mean he or she wasn't a human being before s/he died. A fertilized egg with human DNA is a human being. You have an opinion, but science agrees with me.
One thing not mentioned: Islam. There are plenty of us who think Obama is a secret Muslim. Women are just property, so it's OK to destroy part of our bodies, while men have a right to remain whole.
Correction: The landowners tried to get the Forest Service involved, because Tombstone was refusing to stop trampling across people's property lines, blocking access to property, and committing damage on private land, but the Forest Service dragged its feet.
This personally abusive message doesn't deserve an answer, but I am going to write one anyway. No, this is not about Tombstone versus the federal government. It's about Tombstone versus the landowners in the canyons. The landowners tried to get the Forest Service involved, because and the Forest Service dragged its feet. Because of the Gadsden Purchase, the federal government owns the land in question. It belongs to the US. The US paid for the Gadsden Purchase. Tombstone was cutting down trees on federal land. You'd be pretty upset, too, if Tombstone was cutting down trees on your land. The point is, they don't have a right to cut down somebody else's trees. The dispute over whether the US should own the land is another dispute entirely
How about the Sierra Vista Herald? Their reporting has been pretty objective, and they're right in the area and know what is going on.
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