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"The Dam is About to Break on Benghazi"

Pat4634 Wrote: Oct 11, 2013 11:31 PM
It sounds good but it won't happen. The Main Minion is protected by his master. When someone eludes common sense and ethics like he does, there's something more going on. That's how satan works!
We already knew how much he hates God and America!
The little tweeny "disrupted" Hugh! These lefties are such twerks, so classless and clueless. The #1 twerk resides in the Dark House!
Wow! This really surprised me, given Lindsey's personal life. Lindsey, I have to admit that I prefer you giving your endorsement to BO. That would seem more down your alley.
Why do I get the feeling that Mr. Clinton is doing payback for his wife?!
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