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Reply to myself. I just re-listened to the "snippet". From the snippet, I am wrong. Can't wait to here the rest of this. I do not think he has "lost the election" as dems are saying. Let's keep an open mind.
Uber you are too funny.
It isn't about those who are less fortunate, but about those who are brainwashed into believing they are less fortunate. Those who pass on that brainwashed mentality to their children, and they to theirs, etc. till it becomes a truth, at least in their minds. The truth is that this country of ours offers the best hope in the world for a chance to improve, to grow, to get ahead. Neither of my parents graduated from grade school, much less high school. Yet, through work and student loans, I managed to get 2 degrees. Others can do that, too. But they have to get past the belief that there is no path and they have to realize it takes a real desire to do it.
Bull hockey.
Amen, sister.
If you had listened further and closely, Mitt said that 47% of the people who voted for Obama would vote for him regardless. That is totally different than saying the 47% of people of vote for Obama... The first is 47% of the total population. The second is a simply percentage (47%) of the people who voted for the Obama (i.e. if 51% of the population voted for Obama, then 47% of that number (.47 x .51 = ? ) expect a free ride.
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