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"Our present leadership"? What leadership? From whom, our empty-suit liar-in chief?
I*f you stand still in New Jersey, you can hear it suck !
I wouldn't eat there! No way! You can't fault a gunman for accepting their invitation, can you?
In your passion for grammar correctness, you missed well-paying which should be hyphenated as a compound, modifying adjective.
So what if one million people refuse to obey a bad law? What are they going to do with one million felons? Put them in prison? Make them wear a red "F" on their lapel? Refuse to let them have ice cream? They have gone too far and everyone knows it! Does anyone in their right mind think the police limit their guns to seven rounds? Ah, but then you say they're exempted! Well, if they're exempted, I am too!
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The “Assault Weapon” Rebellion

Pat3195 Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 6:30 PM
I feel for the tens of thousands of law-worshipping sheeple that lined up and dutifully registered their independence. These are less than men.
I save my rage for the pusillanimous turds called congress who roll over and play dead! These bloated elected mis-representatives completely forget their primary duty is to America and the safety of our troops! They are disgusting tin their malfeasance! Wake up! Get to your feet and tell our liar-in-chief to first correct the ROE and then get us the hell out of there. This situation goes way beyond dirty party politics!
Where else but in Messytooshits does this insanity reside?
This so-called reporter is hiding the facts! If I remember correctly, the shooter was found guilty of three additional counts of attempted murder. The original count was declared a mistrial but the other three counts are valid. He faces a ton of jail time. However, we assume that tons of money will be wasted re-trying the original charge. And we wonder why the country and many states are essentially bankrupt (not only of money but of common sense!)
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Why December 25th?

Pat3195 Wrote: Dec 25, 2013 8:50 AM
Jesus was born. Jesus lived. We celebrate His birthday on a chosen date. Live with it!
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