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Stop Burning Food During a Drought

Pat299 Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 2:08 PM
Follow the money - trace it back to who is reaping the profits off this short-sighted and idiotic program. The trail always leads to friends and donors of the Obama administration. All the more reason to clean house and senate in November.

It is always foolish for a country to order the burning of its food supply, but it takes a special kind of depravity to do it in the midst of a severe drought. Yet that is precisely what the misguided federal ethanol mandate is doing, requiring the burning of 40 percent of the corn supply at a time of shortages and sky-high prices. If no action is taken, the impact will be another spike in grocery prices next year, as well as devastation for farmers and ranchers attempting to cope with higher feed prices.

The severity of the situation is...