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Presidential Polls 2012: Skewed Polling and Biased Media Coverage Give Obama False Advantage Over Romney

Pat299 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 10:26 PM
The Dems have nothing (except Osama and GM, LOL) that they can truthfully brag about and everything to cover up, minimize or lie about. Their only option is to smear Romney and Ryan and use "hit and run" politics - run to the media with a wild story, the media will accept it as gospel and pronunce it wonderful or horrible depending on whether it is for or against Obama. A day later the fact checking comes in to dispute the so-called facts, but the media is strangely silent. The Dems can claim any number they want in polls, the media will not question the numbers or how they were obtained.
Editor's Note:This piece originally appeared at PolicyMic.

From its double standard on how the mainstream media has covered both campaigns, to the 2008-Democrat heavy polling models they use, to the lack of investigative reporting on the scandals associated with this administration, it has become blatantly evident that the mainstream media harbors a liberal bias, commits endless hypocrisies and will not hold this president up to the same standards it has for previous presidents.

Campaign Coverage

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