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Top Television Shows Today Full of Garbage

Pat2881 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 11:34 AM
And the high def picture we get over the air is not compressed like it is on any cable or satellite service so we get a better picture quality with our antenna. We have more than paid for the equipment to set up our system in the savings we have seen in our budget since we left DirecTV. We were paying almost $100 a month to them and now we spend about $30 a month in the various subscription services we use like Hulu and Netflix.

If you stopped watching network television awhile ago because it had gotten so bad, you made the correct decision. It has continued to get worse. A few years ago, network television became dominated by cheaply made reality TV shows and talent contests, sitcoms with hyperactive manic characters, and socially liberal themes. Television has always pushed the edge when it comes to socially progressive themes. But at what point does it go too far? Perhaps when there are no other options left during prime time network TV.

The top ten most popular TV shows last fall contained few choices for...