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Politicians on both sides of the aisle are making the mistake of assuming that Hispanics vote as a solid block. They do not. They also make the mistake of assuming that Hispanics are one monolithic culture. Again, they are not. The cultures of Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico share some similarities but they also are very different. Assuming that they will all see things the same way because they are all Hispanic is ridiculous. I know many legal immigrant Hispanics who are livid about the Obama executive action on amnesty.
dwelch, I know there are some women out there who can make marriage seem like hell on earth. It seems you found one or more of them. However, there are also plenty of men out there who follow the Ray Rice book of managing relationships with women. I found one of those for my first husband and still stuck it out for a long time hoping he would change. Thankfully, I left and found a man who knows how to treat a woman well. I treat him like a king. It takes all kinds to make a world and blanket statements like your description of marriage do not help in supporting the good marriages out there that do a fantastic job of producing well-adjusted contributing members of society.
Hmm. I also have visited Monticello. Among other things, I learned that Jefferson found himself in serious financial difficulties at time to the point that he had to sell many of his possessions to keep afloat. To argue that he was wealthy oversimplifies many of the struggles faced by many of the men involved in founding this nation. Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost everything, including their lives. The story is about more than wealth and power and your oversimplification of the history of these men simply perpetuates the ignorance of history so prevalent in our culture today. I do not deny that many of the founders engaged in behavior that we would find appalling today. That does not diminish the greatness that they represented during the times in which they lived. It is a fallacy to judge great leaders of the past by the standards of today rather by the standard of the times in which they lived.
Austin has always been the rats nest of progressives in Texas. The folks in Austin have never met a progressive idea they didn't like and they are always on the hunt for conservative heads.
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Robin Williams: Comedy and Tragedy

Pat2881 Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 6:49 PM
Jeff2422, from everything I know about Robin Williams, he led a very lonely childhood feeling rejected by his parents who were too busy to spend time with him. He stated once that he had been raised by the maid. Children need to feel secure in the love of their family. When they do not get that, they never feel as if they belong and are left with a profound sense of emptiness that often leads to depression. Friends of mine who went to high school with Robin tell of someone who cracked everyone up all the time but always seemed very lonely. it seems he fought his inner demons for a very long time. People with severe depression often fail to respond to treatment over time. They often self medicate with drugs and alcohol. Medications can only do so much.
Congratulations. You just achieved a 5 Pinnochios post. So much misinformation and disinformation in one post is quite an accomplishment.
Then you need to blame a lot of other world leaders as well. As I recall, and I have an attention span of more than 30 seconds, the decisions were based on intelligence reports from US intelligence sources as well as intelligence sources from a number of allied countries. Tony Blair in Great Britain was also arguing for intervention in Iraq based on those same intelligence reports regarding Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. You may rant all you want about this being Bush's fault because he "lied" to us, but the facts and the history of the situation refutes your buffoonish comments for anyone who takes the time to research what was happening at the time. Please do your homework before you come here to spout such nonsense.
It's called narcissism. The Clintons have it in spades as does Obama.
The one film clip I saw of Amy Adams getting off the plane in Los Angeles had a reporter trying to talk to her about the seat exchange. She waved the person off and walked on while commenting that she didn't do it to draw attention to herself but to draw attention to our troops. She then simply walked past the reporter without saying anything else.
The Koala is a perfect choice for Obama. It's not really a bear, and it spends most of its time stoned on the Eucalyptus leaves it eats. It sleeps most of the day and accomplishes little. Very appropriate choice for this particular president.
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