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Congratulations. You just achieved a 5 Pinnochios post. So much misinformation and disinformation in one post is quite an accomplishment.
Then you need to blame a lot of other world leaders as well. As I recall, and I have an attention span of more than 30 seconds, the decisions were based on intelligence reports from US intelligence sources as well as intelligence sources from a number of allied countries. Tony Blair in Great Britain was also arguing for intervention in Iraq based on those same intelligence reports regarding Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. You may rant all you want about this being Bush's fault because he "lied" to us, but the facts and the history of the situation refutes your buffoonish comments for anyone who takes the time to research what was happening at the time. Please do your homework before you come here to spout such nonsense.
It's called narcissism. The Clintons have it in spades as does Obama.
The one film clip I saw of Amy Adams getting off the plane in Los Angeles had a reporter trying to talk to her about the seat exchange. She waved the person off and walked on while commenting that she didn't do it to draw attention to herself but to draw attention to our troops. She then simply walked past the reporter without saying anything else.
The Koala is a perfect choice for Obama. It's not really a bear, and it spends most of its time stoned on the Eucalyptus leaves it eats. It sleeps most of the day and accomplishes little. Very appropriate choice for this particular president.
David, while you make a lot of generalizations about what psychiatrists and psychologists believe, you do a lousy job of stating it. In general, what my professors in my doctoral program in clinical psychology are teaching us is that any behavior is a combination of genetic and environmental influences that are essentially impossible to separate. Genetics and environment work hand in hand. If the environment did not support expression of the genetic factors, the behavior would not manifest. If the genetic factors are absent, the environmental factors would not elicit the behavior. That is the real reason the twin studies do not correlate at 100% for identical twins because even identical twins experience their environment slightly differently. Please understand what you are talking about before you start making blanket statements about disciplines that you have not taken the time to understand. If anything, the data may support the idea that the genetic component of being gay may very well be much like the genetic predisposition toward alcoholism. Neither seems to manifest unless the right environmental conditions are present. That is very different from genetic factors such as eye color that are clearly determined by genetic components set at the time of conception.
If word gets out that we are serious about rounding up and deporting illegal aliens in this country, we won't have to round up and deport all of them. They will get the message and many of them will leave on their own before they get caught. We simply don't want to send that message because so many industries depend on illegals because they will work for lower wages and won't complain for fear of being deported. Some American businesses have much to answer for when it comes to the way they do business.
Oh, and by the way, any resemblance between Taco Bell fare and true Mexican food is purely accidental.
Someone should remind Ms. Hernandez and Dartmouth that there is a whole section of the United States known as the Southwest where states like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to name three all regularly enjoy "South of the Border" fare as part of the regular diet. There is absolutely nothing sacred about food from Mexico as opposed to food from New Mexico. I grew up in the Southwest where I regularly enjoyed guacamole, burritos, enchiladas and all the rest. Cinco de Mayo was never celebrated when I was a kid growing up in Texas and New Mexico. It didn't become a big thing in the US until I was in my 20's and Mexican named beer producers wanted to think of a way to sell more of their products. Cinco de Mayo is not a big holiday in Mexico.
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Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law

Pat2881 Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 11:23 PM
While voter fraud is an issue that needs closer examination, another issue that needs to be seriously considered is the move to do away with the electoral college through laws passed in state legislatures that give all of the states electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote nationally in the general election. Such a move puts all the power of the vote into the hands of the majority where the more populous blue states stand to win the popular vote election after election. It robs the less populated states of the protections the Founding Fathers put in place with the electoral college.
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