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Exactly my thoughts. If an ID is needed for planes, banks, drugs, medical exams etc., what's the big deal for voting??? It is obvious the opposition is just worried about getting caught using their past practices of duplicate voters.
Man this guy is fantastic! Wisconsin is sooooo lucky.,
Really you ask such a question. Do you not know the man Obama???? An evil sore if we ever had one.
Well we attract the best and brightest who come legally BUT we have the illegals by the thousands and members of gangs who are the worst and not the brightest infiltrating our wonderful country.
Phew! Thank you God, Lord of us all, for answering our prayers for your loving servant, Meriam and her family.
Right on there mandingo.
I bet Hussein was spitting nails once he got into his limo about the stupid people who did not give him the respect he deserves. I've never seen such morose faces behind a politician as I did in this video. Generally the group behind hoots and hollers and gives the speaker kudoes on whatever he says. This video was quite telling. I hope it keeps up.
Exactly Scott! A slimy hood!
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