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Obama's Late-Term Abortion Conundrum

Pat1859 Wrote: Jun 24, 2013 8:50 PM
I guess some people think that a woman has a 'right' to be stupid and not able to think logically. If, by the time the baby is moving and kicking, she doesn't know she is pregnant or doesn't care, why would she wait until the baby is nearly due to go for an abortion? If the baby is a big mistake it is her right to 'take care' of it much sooner and much easier. If it takes her that much time to decide she needs mental and/or social help. And if she just can't decide until it is nearly due, she really doesn't want it, but there are many people who do. Adopting children in this country is very difficult, and many go to other countries and much expense and red tape to adopt and would be quite happy to adopt a child here. The mindset that starts to feel that a baby, child, adult who doesn't agree with them is not worthy of life is not uncommon in the world. We have all seen it, we fought a great war over it and many gave their lives in the belief that all human life is valuable. Why are we now starting on that road again? I's scary!