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Maybe they want a real intellect, like Sandra Fluke. She probably is closer to the thinking of many of their students than a true intellect and patriot like Condeleezza Rice.
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The Cultural War Against Christians

Pat1859 Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 5:18 PM
It would seem that there are many opportunities for new businesses, for gays. If it is so difficult to find ones that will serve them, why not open new ones that will. If you go into neighborhoods with a majority on immigrants of any nationality, you will find many there who take that opportunity to develop new opportunities for themselves.
Anyone who states that all people who state that _____________, put in any definition, are liars is showing their own stupidity and lack of ability to defend their own position on the matter. It is the behavior of 5 and 6 year olds when caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They can't defend their position, so they just call out "Liar".
isn't that wonderful? Now women can stay home to follow their 'passions' , with less money! This may lead to some interesting debates!
Keep that thought going, this was inevitable after Putin realized Obama had no backbone and that the security of his own country was of no great importance.
The idea behind the program is good, but one qualification for Obama to be concerned is, he was raised be a single WHITE woman, but that part of his background is seldom mentioned. He is always called our first black president, but in fact he is half white.
It seems that possibly, or probably, small businesses that are known not to accept gay customers are sought after, tested, and when they use their right to religious freedom, they are sued and forced to either submit, pay fines or go out of business. Each time a business loses it's right to run their business on their own standards, others feel the threat and have to make the decision to either comply against their wills or pay the fines and quit. This is not the way this country was formed, we have a thing called freedom, and while there are limits on our behaviors, small groups should not have the right to regulate the rest. In many countries they are beaten, jailed and sometimes executed, but here they have the freedom to regulate the great majority to dance to their tunes whether they like the music or not.
Just where does she get ANY authority to order changes in anything, let alone the food we like to eat, what children should eat for lunch in the schools, and how much or what we should eat of anything? She is not exactly a model for our girls to look up to in what they eat or what they wear, so please keep her out of our private business.
I guess that Obama has some competition for the biggest liar now! Are they trying to outdo each other many ? How many billionaires like George Soros are buying ads for Obamacare and distorting the facts on enrollments, keeping your doctor or plan and the economy, let alone what more he wants to do to 'fundamentally change America". Perhaps he is encouraging Reid to in order to crown him as the biggest liar and relinquishing the title himself, at least until he can come up with a bigger one.
There is a much easier way too fulfill the feminist ideal, have a hysterectomy! That was they can do whatever they want and never have to worry about pregnancy, periods or birth control and do whatever they want. Simple!!
How can such a small minority change long standing laws and customs? If I go into a place of business and they don't have what I want, I can go to another place that pleases me and they lose the money I would have spent there. What is the matter with saying "I'm sorry you don't like me so I'll take my business to another place that does". Why does anyone demand that a business cater to anyone's ideas and lifestyle must bow to them, or else they'll put you out of business? What will the next one be? Now I suppose that places that have standards for clothing and behavior will have to admit street bums and strippers because they don't meet the requirements, but have the money. It may sound ridiculous, but now any time a bunch of people demand the world cater to their ways, everyone has to meet their demands, or face legal recriminations. Not everyone agrees with my way of life, so why should I demand that they do, no matter how much it hurts them?
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