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I've heard many times that there are no atheist in foxholes,but now I guess that they're all supposed to be in airplanes! I'll bet that if some of these cadets who are so easily offended by a person within hearing or seeing professing any sort of belief in God, if they were in a plane having trouble and possibly crashing, they wouldn't object to anyone praying for help to avert the crash! They might even whisper a prayer themselves. Much of this great aversion is an attempt to prove their own ability to control others and feed their egos.
With a president who only enforces the laws he likes and uses his 'pen and phone' to do what he wants to, even if it is unconstitutional, what do we expect? Those who have supported him from the early days of his campaign can now see what he really is. He has set the example for others that "laws are only for other people, not me". Maybe they will change their minds about him, although it's really too late to amend the damage he has already done.
According to Senator Reid, you are lying. You have the 'honor' of being publicly branded that by a U S Senator. I would send him all the letters from your insurance company and demand a public apology. Every other person in the same situation should also do it. That might make him think a little before calling so many Americans liars.
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The Entertainment President

Pat1859 Wrote: Mar 13, 2014 1:52 PM
It's amazing that our President (I cap that out of respect for the office, not the current resident) has time to take multimillion dollar vacations, golf, appear on TV regularly, but not time to look for real answers to Benzaghi, meet with his economic advisors, his national security council, or make intelligent decisions about our military. He told Putin he'd have more leeway after the elections, which told him that we wouldn't really do nothing to stop any plans he had concerning the Ukraine or any other place he had his eyes on. Obama seems to think like Neville Chamberlain, and we know where that got us.
I'll bet that if he had posted "Allah is Great" It would still be there, they'd be afraid to take it down!
How many have actually paid and are really enrolled , and how many have applied but not paid so are actually not in obamacare yet? Also how many have tried to enroll and couldn't? It's so easy to lie with statistics!!
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Who Hates Minority Children?

Pat1859 Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 7:40 PM
A good part of the success of charter schools is the parental supervision and encouragement at home. If the great number of parents whose children did not get selected in the lottery would put the same amount of work with their children at home as they would have in the charter school, it should show up in the results in all schools. Parents who are involved with their children and their schools should make a difference. Acting as room parents, PTA active members and being in touch with the administration and assisting in many ways in the school would help any school do better. It is one thing to complain about poor schools and a far better thing is to say 'how can I help, what can I do and be actively involved with your child and school every day.
Why are people trying to tell us that America isn't a great nation by comparing us with other nations that are not in the same league with us? When you look at the nations that are rated above us in ANTHING, do you see any similarities?? No! Do any of those nations have a population anywhere close to ours? Do they have the same immigration problems? NO! Do they have to contend with large numbers of illegal immigrants that undermine our values, works, education etc.? No! Do they have trouble with large populations of youth with no regard for education, law, morals, work or anything positive? N0! Are their youth constantly bombarded with vulgar language, sexuality on the level of animals, derision of work, law and no positive values, like our youth are in radio, TV and video games? Not nearly as much as our youth are, and yet we are judged on the same standards and deemed not as good as these other countries. Are they judged on the same standards of charity to both those in need in our country as well as others around the world? It's funny, but as bad as we are measured to be, when there in want, disease rampant, disaster of any kind, who is there first with aid of any kind needed and stays until things are better. What other nation spends as much proportionally to help anyone around the world, whether they are friend or foe? Let's be real in our comparisons!! No one would dare compare cities and New York City and Corona California and expect it to be a valid comparison!
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Jane Fonda, Sex Guru for Teenagers?

Pat1859 Wrote: Mar 08, 2014 3:06 PM
Did Hanoi Jane' as she urged girls to enjoy their bodies and never be ashamed of them, include any information on what to do when the boy who 'loved her and promised to marry her if she got pregnant, but disappeared when she did, was to do? Not every young girl will run to the abortionist, so did she tell her what her life would be raising a child by herself? Did she give her information on how to get welfare, or how to get a job a try to make it on her own? Did she tell her that her life would change and so many of her dreams would never come true? Hanoi Jane can give as much good advice to young people as my goldfish!
Maybe they want a real intellect, like Sandra Fluke. She probably is closer to the thinking of many of their students than a true intellect and patriot like Condeleezza Rice.
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