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National Rottenness

Pat164 Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 8:00 AM
Don't forget George Soros, and Petrogras, and Obama's billions of taxpayer money to it. Or the special deals that Warren Buffet enjoyed with his investments which individuals couldn't do, while he's saying one thing, but like Obama, doing another.

Congress has inflicted frightful punishments on its members--now you know that.  When they tried Mr. Fairoaks, and a cloud of witnesses proved him to be--well, you know what they proved him to be--and his own testimony and his own confessions gave him the same character, what did Congress do then?....Congress intimated plainly enough, that they considered him almost a stain upon their body; and without waiting ten days, hardly, to think the thing over, they rose up and hurled at him a resolution declaring that they disapproved of his conduct!  Now you know that. –Colonel Beriah Sellers, The Gilded Age, Mark Twain,...