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As the victim of illegals who threatened my life, and burned my home down, I am outraged by the pandering to those who disrespect our laws and come over our borders, or overstay visas, just because they want to. We clearly are not a 'nation of laws' anymore, between the ignoring of current immigration law, and our lawless president and gov't. I do NOT care if an illegal is white, and from the UK. Ask Rebecca Griego, oh, you can't because this young Seattlite was murdered by a white UK illegal. Jeb Bush is an open borders, globalist, just like the rest of his family. Remember Papa Bush and his 'New World Order' speech, and the next Bush and his push for the NAU? And now Jeb is pushing Common Core, and special treatment for Mexicans. Read his new book. If Jeb runs in 2016, I won't vote. He would simply continue the Progressive destruction of our nation.
Deport him, and disbar the attorney. Oh, and bill him for the rescue. Instead of graditude, he has proven that the reason this illegal is here, is to absolutely get as much money as possible, from the taxpayers. If he wasn't here, ILLEGALLY, he wouldn't have had the accident.
As an ER RN, Charge Nurse for 26 of my 28 years, there were times when I couldn't talk someone into cooperating with us gently, so would have to insist they leave, sit down, in other words, stop whatever ruckus or near fight they were causing. Yes, usually these men were drunk or high. But when I'd hear the word 'b..ch' (not bossy), I'd simply look at them and say, WITH A SMILE, 'How come when a man stands up for himself, he's a MAN, but when a woman does, she's a B..CH?' That usually worked. Don't be PC (speech and thought control), don't ban words.........USE MORE WORDS! The English language is wonderfully complex, and has so many adverbs and adjectives! Stop being so thin skinned and get the chip/log off your shoulders. Do what I do. Consider the source! Teach your children to have a BS alarm. Teach them to think for themselves.
"Working the way it's supposed to." Actually, IMHO, this MAY be a case of Obama forgetting, and actually telling the truth for a change. Obama made it clear that obamaCON (because it's a CON job) was designed to destroy our healthcare system and lead to single payer. He made that clear in many speeches, including the one to his base, when he asked them 'to be patient. This is only a first step. Remember that we've been working on this for 100 years.' That's what is what he meant by 'working the way it's supposed to'. Excuse me while I faint at this realization.
Search 'depopulation', Club of Rome, UN Agenda 21 (sounds warm and fuzzy, but consider the ramifications. Or the below report by Kissinger for Pres. Carter. http://www.scribd.com/doc/8533561/Global-2000-Report-for-Pres-Carter-the-Population-Control-Agenda
Zero Population Growth was being taught in my high school. I graduated in 1963.
Obama's election was because of the mainstreams media's collusion and lies about everything Obama, and their low information voters AND voter fraud. The Dems actually commit the crime of bribery, with their base, who VOTE FOR A LIVING. One example, the obamaphone ladies. Watch the video at PROJECT VERITAS re how easy it is to commit FRAUD in the obamaphone program, and how easy the potential for voter fraud was in NC, which is why NC just implemented strengthened voter laws, and Obama's DOJ and Eric Holder are suing them. I was stunned at how easy it would have been for the investigators to commit fraud, which they carefully, didn't do.
Call what Obama is doing, what it is: a MARXIST 'War on America'. This is his 'fundamental transformation', to destroy us financially, to do as his globalist beliefs and masters (George Soros for one) want, have a super-elite who run the rest of the slaves in a NEW WORLD ORDER, a world without borders, NOT RUN FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS. Obama is actually succeeding at his goals. IMHO, he's a TRAITOR, and should be impeached, then tried in a court of law for treason.
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Pat164 Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 12:37 PM
Thank God your child is ok. And thank you for reminding us of the goodness of most Americans.
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