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Obama’s Goose Is Cooked

Pat1392 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 4:39 PM
if you count the 47% not paying income taxes and 4% still with their heads in the sand he will win again.
ericynot Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 5:40 PM

Dig a little deeper. The main reason 47% don't owe income tax is because of the earned income tax credit, a Republican initiative started by Ford, then expanded by Reagan and GHW Bush. They wanted that tax reduction in lieu of an increase in minimum wage. In 1974, before that credit took effect, 19.2% of filers paid no tax. That number rose to 24.2% in 1975 after the credit took effect.

Then GW Bush added a large child credit to the tax code, and non-payers went from 25.2% in 2000 to 36.3% in 2008. If you include other federal taxes, especially payroll, the number of households paying no net federal tax drops to about 10%.
Pat1392 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 6:37 PM
Thanks for the info ---I knew about the earned income tax credits but did not know the history ---but we have stop paying for the babies these folks create. I wonder if people know that Social Security funds were put into Congress's hands during the Cater administration.
I really think we are doomed.
ericynot Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 7:35 PM

As I recall (too hungry to fact check right now), SS funds started being moved into the general fund by LBJ, not Carter.

It's an unpopular sentiment on TH, but I think the best way to "stop paying for the babies" is to help limit their number. I support Planned Parenthood.
Pat1392 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 11:37 PM
Well, this is where you need to get educated. These babies come from routes.
Some teen simply impregnates a variety of women (could be several a year) and takes a cut of the welfare check. In Detroit, just recently, a 32 year old was arrested for killing his two year old. They inteviewed the 17 yr. old son of this guy --he said he did not know of this sibling but had 6 others --all by different mothers( called baby mommas).They just got a guy working at McDonalds who fathered 32 children and could not keep up with his support payments-he fathered 4 in one year. If this continues -we will be in the minority and perhaps my grandson can go to Harvard.
Pat1392 Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 11:37 PM
I do not think planned parenthood would be of any help.
Obama needed a filet mignon in the June employment report. But instead he got a rubber chicken.
Only 80,000 new jobs were created last month, way below Wall Street expectations. It’s the fourth consecutive monthly disappointment. For a few months last winter, jobs were rising at an average of 225,000 a month. But that has sloped way down to only 75,000. The unemployment rate continues at 8.2 percent, which is the forty-first straight month above 8 percent. The U6 unemployment rate, which includes discouraged workers, is just under 15 percent.
As voters finalize their election impressions this...