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Yep, and these schools spare no expense when it comes to putting good materials on the desk. I know what the reply will be .....their parents pay for it. This is true, but public schools seem more apt to spend the taxpayer dollar for people and things that do not contribute to the classroom and more specifically, the student's desk.
When they come to college and cannot recall that 7 X 5 = 35, they cannot get past the middle of the book. If you do not learn parts of speech a foreign language becomes difficult. Whole Language is nothing more than "we can find other places to put the money" so we don't buy the books. Our kids cannot write due to a poor grasp of spelling, vocabulary, and grammar skills.
AND the teacher is as good at spinning the tale as the guy he voted for.......
It is what it is.....radical Islam, not radical Jews, Catholics or Protestants.
Giving someone Giving someone $30K a year to fry burgers or dip ice cream is somewhat insane because it would snow ball into a 40% raise for anyone low on the ladder who is filing, typing or working in the mailroom. Suggesting a 10% minimum wage raise accompanied by a 10% lowering of corporate taxes might benefit all workers.
How many will work for $3 an hour. You have start somewhere. The current situation is due to employers being squeezed and, at the same time, lower paid workers feeling squeezed. Give a little to everyone.
Tie the hike in minimum wage to lowering corporate taxes and closing the "loopholes" and everyone is happy. On St. Alban's, does it ever occur to the powers that run the failing schools to look at schools that excel and see what they are putting on the desks of the students not the pockets of the administrators.
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The GOP's 2016 Race to Defeat

Pat1392 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 3:43 PM
The TEA Party may need to bridge the gap.
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The Jihadists' Eternal Plan

Pat1392 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 1:20 PM
Probably true, but why take a chance that the ones we admit are in the 1%.....
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