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There are states dealing with other "populations" in the same boat but I feel that the number one rule should be that we not capitulate to their expensive demands. This country was built with Stars and Stripes. Let them carry flags of Mexico and Ireland in May and March but we don't need to display them in the classroom. We don't need to provide prayer rugs or footbaths either.
I think you are right. Perry is looking somewhat Reaganesque right now and may be the right guy to pull it off. He sure is better looking than Hillary. I think he would need to run with an Hispanic woman .....J Lo could do as well as Biden but Susanna Martinez might be the one.
Bush wanted a guest worker program...dems did not.
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An Open Letter To Moderate Muslims

Pat1392 Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 11:18 PM
If they really want to be peaceful they can unwrap the women and fee them from their baby making status.
You said it !!!! If there are vacationers can't be all bad. Let them fix up these countries so people want to stay. It has to be the freebies for them, otherwise they could have taken a short-cut to Costa Rica.
High Section 8....
Just wanted to respond again. It appears that we are not getting the little ones with teddy bears (George Will) but teens with baggage. Some communities have Section 8 housing and that drives the problem. Wonder how many will be in high stakes areas such as the North Shore suburbs of Chicago???
They are all over. There was a demonstration in Farmington about this issue. Point is that we are not getting the little ones with teddy bears, but the older ones with the baggage. Years ago, you had to pay tuition if you wanted to jump school districts. Now, all they need is Section 8 housing.
I wonder how many of you can just enroll your kids in any school district you want to have your kids attend. So far, in Michigan, it looks like we drew the older teens. so much for George Will and his 8 year olds with teddy bears.
Tell that to those that are 6 feet under ...Sadaam was evil.
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