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There will never be another Reagan.
I agree and I don't see any reason to change my vote. I have some friends that would change theirs however. I do not know exactly what the others want the candidate to do.
A lot them are good men ....Carson, Rubio etc. .but who would be their advisors and what experience do they bring to the table. We do not need another 8 years of on the job training and run a way spending.
OK...will cave, but I want someone with the experience and managerial skills that Romney has and the history knowledge that Gingrich has. I don't want someone with the training wheels on.....we have that now and we will be dead broke before this guy is finished. Every time he opens his mouth something else is free. Perry has the Reagan persona but not much else. Walker has fought, and won the battles but I don't think he has the appeal for the masses (kind of like Santorum). Actually, Romney might be the one to fix this healthcare bill. We can all agree that "people need healthcare" but why should they pay for healthcare they don't need should be the mantra.
Then you get Clinton or Warren, neither of whom have your interests at heart. Be my guest. I am over 75, have a sizeable pension and good insurance plus all my children in about the same boat with grandkids in private school or in very prestigious school districts. AND yes, you can keep YOUR change.
Romney has been around the block and so has Ann. With a little tweaking and reviewing past gaffs, he would make the 3rd time a charm. Those who stayed home owe us a big debt because we had to live with this another 4 years. Romney/Paul maybe or Gingrich. Rubio is too young and so is his wife. Scott Walker and the rest of these govs need to stay put and help the next President get this turned around.
He brings a lot of smarts ad knowledge. Romney/ Gingrich
Walker is barely dry behind the ears. We have that now. So, yes, we do need something new.
Romney would have made a wonderful President and his wife a great 1st Lady.
AMEN!!!! I think West is a good guy....just a little rough around the edges. All one has to do is listen to Jimmy Carter and you will understand just how we got here.
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