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In order to do that the Republicans have to put out a plan immediately.
It is not surprising that he is devoid of any feelings.
They are currently sitting there with their thumbs up their butts. They need to re-visit the Bush guest worker program and get a positive note out there !!!!!
You are really scaring me .......yes, I believe he will send us into such chaos that he will need another term like FDR did.
He is more cunning and shrewd than you think....know EXACTLY what he is doing. Unless, by some miracle, the 2012 is found to be a fraud the next President is in a real mess.
Separate them by age and get send the mules for the younger ones back. Deduct dollars from our foreign aid while they are being cared for it on a daily basis. Find out if any legals will claim them... this family reunification business is nuts.
Many are children....anchor babies.
They got the memo....just ignored it. Heads were in the sand.
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