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With the money we have spent, we could have paid the insurance bill up front. I am hoping for a change in 2017.
You are right and they know how to troll the system. We are paying for their living expenses and there is no end in sight.
There was a general from Iraq that claimed the weapons went to Syria and here we are.
I wonder what his beef with law enforcement s all about.
If the kids were born here, it is what it is. We have to fix the current law or re-interpret the law. Their parents, however, broke the law. No citizenship for them, no vote for them but let them stay and support their children by working. Get rid of anyone on the dole.
The Republicans are between a rock and a hard place for the next two years. However, it seems like this Presidency is unraveling on its own.
Oh, but they convinced so many of these dummies that it would be free. For so many people life is free. They get help for everything. The rest of us work. Other than pregnancy, group health care does not disallow for pre-existing conditions. As far as 26 year olds, that is nothing new. There were caveats, but how about a small monthly payment.....most are working anyway.
I would love to see one of these guys compare the ACA and Massachusetts health care.
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