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He can't screw it up any more than the current head honch
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Obama's Vacation Blues

Pat1392 Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 10:24 AM
The real problem is the freebies.
Perry just indicted ....we are toast.
I remember an older Italian guy in my 7th grade class in the 50's. He was not there long as he caught on fast. Have a student from India who came at 17 and did not speak English.....has it down well after 7 years and in currently in Engineering school....mostly on his dime.
If you don't have Section 8 housing, you probably won't see it.
They have to get out there with a message for all these voters. The message should be about mobility, not giveaways. Perry could be another Reagan.
Perry/Martinez for 2016 ????
There are states dealing with other "populations" in the same boat but I feel that the number one rule should be that we not capitulate to their expensive demands. This country was built with Stars and Stripes. Let them carry flags of Mexico and Ireland in May and March but we don't need to display them in the classroom. We don't need to provide prayer rugs or footbaths either.
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