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percent more to cover the non working spouse.
I agree with Charles....we never know what is down he road. We put the money in from day one and 59 years later we have a small check to get us through the month. It won't be enough to pay a mortgage or most of us, so the plan is to get situated by the time you are 50 and start paying off and paring down. It is basically a good program. Sort of like paying for welfare before you need it. It should be every man for himself, but we need to take care of those unable to care for themselves. I a former worker (man or woman) wants to be a stay at home Dad or Mom then the working mom or dad has to pay 8 4
Governor Perry needs to sit back, get prepared, and run for the fight of his life to become the next President. He is the closest to Reagan we got !!!!!!
How about the plan that they have in Galveston TX
In order to earn $30,000 you have to be making about $15 per hour. If you earn less than $20,000, I might suggest a lower SS tax.
If you are going to get voters from the 47%, you are going to have to propose something that helps the mobility out of poverty. Take the case of the Mom down in Texas that left her kids in the car as she applied for a job.....she is trying the best she can and I would rather my tax dollars help her than someone who refuses to get off their back
He had a "moment".....Obama has had lots of them but no one cared.
I think Perry could be a Reagan type of leader. Ron Paul has proven to do the rest of us no favors....his followers sat home 2 years ago. Rand might have been the better choice for VP as a political move. His Dad might have encouraged the 2 million to vote.
Had a relative making three times the money as a 90 year old retiree than he did as a 58 year old worker with the Feds.....how many on Social Security can say that ??
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