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He is trying to paint the Republicans into a corner. Write the bill, give the little guy a raise, and our guys will look like the heroes and BHO has egg on his face. The raise money would not fund any of his slick shenanigans.
With all the threats, pass the bill and give the low paid workers a 2% raise. Obama just wants to blame the republicans. Call his bluff.
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Giuliani Versus Obama

Pat1392 Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 9:13 AM
This president does what he wants and no one calls him on it. Settle the disputes in the Supreme Court.
Is Walker a belt way insider?
She spent her childhood years in Iran.
Do we know of any Republican comms??
Wonder if the "birds of a feather" adage applies here.
AND you will have Clinton or Warren.
It will take a lot of humility to undo Mr. I and My.
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