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Americans voted for this. Enjoy.
how about cars! are cars a healthcare issue? where do we finds these wackos? 300 million people we can do better.
Another politician who does not understand causality. The prisoner who on their took college courses did better. It wasn't the course. It was the type of prisoner. It's not charter schools, it's families willing to camp out to send their children there. Otherwise put aquariums in juvenile detention centers and juvenile linquents will get the highest SAT scores.
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Air Force Kicks Baby Jesus off Base

pat1174 Wrote: Dec 10, 2013 1:20 PM
Maybe if the Ambassador in Benghazi had been attacked by plastic figurines the military would have responded.
RuthBader Ginsberg is one of those activists that want the age of consent to be 14.
At Temple University a major education school in Philaadelphia, some engineers play a game. Pick out the drunkest guy at a party, and ask him/her their major. It usually is an education major.
Baghdad Bob has nothing over this guy,
This is the reasonn for the 2nd ammendment. If the spencers were armed they'd be in their home. If not now when. Keep the shutdown!
If not now when!
You must have poor measure of success.
If not now, WHEN?
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