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Obozo already has a legacy. Worst president in America. Do you think LIncoln was worried about his legacy or America?
We only need a dozen or so more attacks before the "ZERO" knows that it is Muslim extemists.
Quit picking on Dr. Dean. He walks the walk. He is over in Africa treating Ebola patients.
How did the Ravens/goodell think the woman became unconcious. Another coverup uncovered.
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Cantor Joins Wall Street Bank

pat1174 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 12:26 PM
Of course he does. It would not be so bad if he forfeited his government pension.
You should have signed this A liberal with no mind. The injustice is that the cop was beaten and is assumed guilty until proven innocent. This child may have died earlier than he should have, but street punks die young.
Breaking news. The democrats have decided to put their own money to support their causes. 1) The Kennedy's will house refugess in Hyannisport. 2) The Kerry's will house refugees in the closed down Heinz factories. 3) The Clintons will donate all speech money until the border is secured to pay for food and medical supplies.
The problem is that bishop should urging Pelosi to beleive in marriage. The catholic church has put all their eggs in redistribution over abortion and marriage.
Mistake.The zero will just pardon her. Should wait til 2016
Lois Lerner needs come clean in order to get her pardon. we should let her sit until the next admin and then watch her rot in prison.
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