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Akin Needs to Go

pastorblastor3 Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 11:04 PM
NO! NO! NO! NO! He does not and should not quit! Is free speech dead in this country! Tis is totally insane! You may not have liked his comment but it is one that a lot of folks share... namely that there are women who when filing for divorce or wanting to get rid of a rotten boyfriend make up a rape claim. Now I know you all will hyperventilate but too darn bad, because it has occurred and this is what he was referring to. For crying out-loud stop being so politically correct and sensitive. In an adult world we have the right in this nation to say what we think, and sometimes even I may object but free speech is either that or it isn't.
Everyone --- everyone! -- from Mitt Romney to Ron Johnson to Barack Obama has denounced Todd Akin's unbelievable remarks about rape and pregnancy.

Some are raising the possibility that Akin should simply remove himself from the race and avoid doing more damage -- to the pro-life cause, to GOP hopes of retaking the Senate, to Missouri's hopes of replacing Obama-Claire McCaskill with a senator who represents mainstream Missouri values.

Akin SHOULD resign.  There are two good candidates Akin defeated in the primary -- after McCaskill interfered in it to help secure Akin's win for this very reason....