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Such intelligence wasted. Someone call MoveOn.org, I found their missing nut.
Obama needs a Monica to keep him busy.
When referring to govt revenues, please do not use the word "COSTS" . This implies that they have money of their own to spend. Cutting taxes and expenditures not cost the govt anything. It reduces the amount of taxpayer $$$ they nedd or can spend. Using these terms makes it sound like we are saving money when in actuality it is the taxpayers who burden the COSTS!!!!
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Ron Paul Says Goodbye

Passtheword Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 10:39 AM
He failed us all by not supporting Romney after he lost his bid for the Republican nomination. All his supporters who voted third party as culpable as well.
Obama has clearly stated he will work with the Republicans as long as they give him what he wants, new buzz word "a BLANCED approach". Code for new taxes...
What is the other option??? Duh!!
Heil Obama , coming to a community near you...
Heil Obama , coming to a community near you...
If tou want to discuss the sense of entitlement and sucking on the gov't teat, look too the "STUFFERS" who re-elected Obama.
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