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Arizona has been absorbing a lot of the unhappy residents leaving their democrat 'ran-into-the-ground' states for quite a while. The problem is, they move to AZ and haven't learned anything so they continue to vote for the idiotic liberal principles that ruined the state they just left. So now AZ is less red than it once was. You are warned Texas and Utah. I think this is a bigger problem than anyone realizes.
I disagree with and dislike most liberal pundits. I despise Schultz. The lies and nonsense he spews are so glaringly obvious, I am convinced he can't possibly believe 90% of what he claims to believe. This is the worst kind of 'journalism' - outright and intentional deception. He just desperately tries to increase his ratings by riling up confused, know nothing viewers with completely false 'information'. He has the dumbest listening audience in all of talk radio also. Try listening sometime if you aren't easily depressed, have good blood pressure, and a strong stomach. Its truly disheartening knowing their are so many mindless sheep and fools among us.
shes perfect for CA, a confused, shallow liberal. Fortunately shes out of the fed gov, and I'm really glad she is going to stay out of AZ.
Obama is a know-nothing, smooth talking, community organizing twerp who has never worked a day in his life. How can we expect him to manage or even understand something as complex as the United States' federal budget? We can't...
Romney is fine; Obama is a complete wreck
Didn't the moderator look like Gollum's fat sister?
It certainly is NOT a job for the school system; otherwise, good post.
I would rather enjoy one Sprite with Romney and discuss business strategies and politics than drink a case of Dos Equis Lager with Obama and discuss the finer points of keeping your form straight during a jump shot. Post Script; I love basketeball and Dos Equis is my favorite beer. Neither is consequential when choosing a president. Post post script; it is really cool that Mitt likes to Jet Ski!
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