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From Greatness to Whiteness

PassOnTheLeft Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 1:02 PM
Enrique, do you have an opinion on the topic of the column?
Not trying to split hairs here, but we live in a representative republic. Our representatives are democratically elected. We do, in fact live in a democracy.
Stewart is funny and intelligent. He shows you can be both and still be dead wrong. Its terrible that so many (mostly young) people believe his nonsense and enter a voting booth with only his idiotic opinions as a guide for casting a ballot.
OldMom, I'm an ex smoker. You are considerate with the way you enjoy your tobacco. I was the same when I smoked cigarettes. People that are opposed to smoking do get offended at just the sight of someone smoking; it is more psychological than physical. I would ask everyone that smokes to be considerate, especially in disposing the 'butts'. Don't throw them on the ground. Like any litter, it looks terrible and ruins scenery.
Sadly, this is possible. After the fools on the SC upheld the disaster that is the ACA, I cannot be surprised by whatever POS legislation they will determine 'constitutional'.
that should be 'whipped your behind' not 'you're behind'.
Isn't the Smithsonian privately funded, or supposed to be? That is what I learned. I could be wrong but I thought it was left in trust by Smith, or Smithson or someone. I would appreciate any information from someone who knows, all party affiliation aside.
Reid always looks and sounds like he had desperately tried to stay awake, failed and ended up talking in his sleep. I will never understand how the good people of Nevada elected this person as one of their senators.
so well put, that's a tough post to follow.
Arizona has been absorbing a lot of the unhappy residents leaving their democrat 'ran-into-the-ground' states for quite a while. The problem is, they move to AZ and haven't learned anything so they continue to vote for the idiotic liberal principles that ruined the state they just left. So now AZ is less red than it once was. You are warned Texas and Utah. I think this is a bigger problem than anyone realizes.
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