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Is he really a human being? Sometimes he seems more like a robot with a few wonky circuits.
Every carnival barker in the world is grievously offended.
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A Man For All Times

pascagoulapappy Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 2:47 PM
Obama is ignorant. Period.
Burn, baby, burn !!
There is just one word for this: BETRAYAL ! ! ! ! !
What is a "conscious clause"? Is it better than an "unconscious" clause?
There ain't no Selma Snub. There ain't no Eastwood Conspiracy. OK ?
Have she and Billy Jeff returned the White House silverware yet?
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The State Of Our Union

pascagoulapappy Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 11:06 AM
Aroint thee, troll !
twitter? Wut dat is ?
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