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Shoot, ever bidy noes that this Eye Cyst jus come up caws Dubya and Powell and Cheney cooked the books to make it look lak Soddamn had the bugs an gas an big farcrackers an we had tuh git im!
Not been rationally addressed? What does reason have to do with it? Just, like, turn on and nothing is rational.
Man, if you're ,like, righteously stoned on maryjane, you may be liberal, but you sure as hell ain't THINKING !
with Obama screwing up royally, he is a one-man outreach committee for the gop.
William Faulkner said that Hemingway had no courage as an author. Maybe that's why his style resembles that of a barely literate subteenager.
Completely insane? That may be giving her the benefit of the doubt.
Please, don't offend the mediocre in that way!
You jivin me? That man from Boston say he kep women in a BINDER !!!!
Don't most periods involve a vagina?
Uhhh . . .that should be "whoever" she is. And she likely doesn't want your pretty sh tty pity!
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