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"There is NOT ONE archaeologist, anthropologist, or Biblical scholar who has ever associated the Canaanites with Negroid stock.Canaan is listed in Genesis 15-19 as the father of eleven tribes, all Caucasoid, with no Negroid characteristics." Thomas Figert, "A Biblical Perspective on the Race Problem." [emphasis mine]
Odd--your moniker doesn't sound Southern Baptist.
Comp, that kind of response does nothing but play into the hands of the "all conservatives are hateful racists" crowd.
At least two crimes WERE committed in Ferguson on August 9. The robbery of the convenience store by one Michael Brown, Jr., and felony assault upom a police officer, by the same M. Brown. Oh, how one wishes the NAACP blowhards would fut the shuck up !
It's not what they bring upon themselves; it's what they will do to others, such as innocent businesspeople who will be raided and looted by the scum.
Why does TH keep running this fool's columns ? ? ?
American Pravda.
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