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Last time I looked, LA was in South California.
Herald--I googled "Research on the Harmful Effects of Pornography." There were forty-nine scientific studies that confirmed the negative effects of pornography on men, women, and children.
I got my share of buttwhuppins growing up, but I NEVER inflicted physical pain on my own children !
I have plenty of experience with "black culture." I taught in HBCU's and heavily black public schools. I know that corporal punishment is rife among black parents, but it is not right and must not be tolerated. And, yes, my white Mississippi mother had to cut her own switch. It is still wrong, however much this sort of subhuman brutality may be accepted as "normal" among blacks and rednecked whites.
In her case, they're about the same.
Like biggus dealus. At 6'2' and 240 pounds, I can feel my heart bleeding.
Yep. Still there. Only twice as much of it.
'He know how to administrate . . ." and he don't even be female!
" . . . deviance our up." Deviance your own up, bloke!
Scrow, you got a problem with women's equality?
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