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Which is the real America? That of baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet or that of football, hamburgers, cherry pie, and Ford?
Nope. He did manage to spell "I" correctly.
Heard about that. An ex-marine.
So telling the truth is "judging and mocking." Learn sumpm new every day.
Throw in a few light moteefs!
What are "soccar" and "clorine" ?
John 3138--What lack of appropriate punctuation are you referring to?
Joycey: I grew up in Mississippi in the 1960's and we had black cops (we called them "special deputies" then). They were HELL on black perps!
"Muslim terrorists killed less [sic] Americans . . . than cops killed black people." Yeh, right. And the earth is flat, the moon is made of green cheese, and the alignment of the planets determines fate.
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