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Not to mention non-violent rapists.
She walked away fwom it on her two widdle footsies.
For once, loiso, I agree completely.
swine are fine but a toad is a load.
When I was teaching and someone at a cocktail party would ask me what I did for a living, I would say something like, "Uh, I work at Auburn University.' The response would be something like, But what do you DO?" "I'd say, "Well, I'm on the faculty." Then the question, "what do you teach?" I'd answer "English" and the reaction was always the same--"Well (in a heavy Southern accent), I'll have to be careful what I SAY around YOU!" Eventually I'd work up the nerve to look the inquisitor in the eye and say, "Damn right!" --- and . . . damn right!
Sorry for the omissions of closing quotation marks. Mea culpa.
I echo the sentiment, Bob, but after 40 years as an English professor, I came to suspect that the cause may be lost. Not only the confusion you list, but such distinctions as "loose" and "lose,' "to" and "too, "its" and "it's, and "your" and "you're" appear to be beyond the capacities of too many TH posters.
Elliot Rodriguez called Fidel Castro the former Cuban "leader." Why does the mainstrung news always call right -wing dictators "dictators" and left-wing dictators "leaders" ?
Excellent article ! !
Nixon is (or was), by comparison, lightly pigmented
Porque no ?
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