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I agree with you one hudred percent. I, too, am hoping Governor Corbett stands up to this!
Good quote, Vet. Can you tell me the source, please.
Got that right! I am more sad than I could ever imagine.
America was given the opportunity to elect a man of God, a man with vision, compassion, goodness and good sense. Instead they chose to re-elect a man who had lied to them for four years, a man of fraud, duplicity and deceit. Those of us who realize that must also realize that eventually this so-called "messiah" will be the cause of an uncontrollable collapse. Be prepared the best you can be.
You've got that right! The takers care not for the country as a whole, only for themselves. Self-reliance is being bred out of Americans. That's what Obama wants. The more dependent on government people are, the better he can control them.
YOU are the one living in an alternate universe. If you are so blind that you cannot see the evil that Obama has done to America, you have been living iin a cave for the past four years.
Panda, you are spot on.
The moochers are going to be howling with anger when they no longer receive all the freebies because of the financial collapse that is almost inevitable. However, rather than being smart enough to see that the collapse was caused by their so-called "messiah", their anger will turn on conservataives, the rich, George Bush or whoever Obama tells them is to blame. They just don't get it. We must now prepare the very best we can because the ride is going to be the roughest ever.
Liberalism is the moochers electing looters (BHO) to steal from producers. Obviously you are one of the moochers.
What an idiotic remark! You are obviously a very short-sighted individual who has no idea of what we are in for with the re-election of this monstrous administration. America had the choice of a man of God but instead decided to elect a man of fraud, duplicity and dishonesty who will send us over a cliff.
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