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Escaping 'Government' Schools

Parker01 Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 9:25 AM
Parents are 'failing' because they are also a product of the failed government education monopoly. The schools are the disease. The results of the disease are expressed in the symptoms. Stop focusing on the symptoms and treat the disease.
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Are Guns the Problem?

Parker01 Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 9:11 AM
Sorry Charlie... single parent homes are a symptom of the one issue that Americans continue to ignore. The disease is the public education system. This is the place where most children are taught that moral absolutes are stupid. And like sheep being led to the slaughter American 'parents' throw their children and their future into the abyss of moral decadence. You have 'offended' none of the groups you mentioned. They are all the result of a public education SYSTEM designed to produce the results you purport to loathe. Wake up America and admit you are shooting at the wrong target. Shut down the public schools and survival just might be an option. Otherwise, you are doing the same thing over and over and don't be surprised at the recurring results.
Carl, we all realize you're a very ignorant and stupid person, but if I were you I would refrain from opening your mouth and removing all pretense. As to your irrelevant argument regarding, 'religious tests,' you cannot possibly believe this is applicable to this. No, Carl, this is more akin to legislating that all Orthodox Jews must provide pork lunches at all Orthodox Jewish Schools. This is much more akin to legislating that all Muslims must pay for all Jewish men's cab fare to attend synagogue in order to have sex with muslim while swimming in pork fat and burning Korans.
I don't have a copy of the ACA in front of me to check the pages you cited. However, I do have a calendar in front of me and March 23, 2013 has come and gone. It is now Sept. 27, 2013 and I don't have a chip under my skin. Anybody else?
Actually it is the Public Education System that perpetuates this nonsense. Do you think Piers Morgan wasn't tainted by that very same system at a previous time? State run college perhaps? Maybe ? Hmmm...? Socialist England? Mebbe? Get your head outta yer bum. The Public Education System is the enemy of conservative thought and the tool of progressivism. The altar of sacrifice upon which more good parents lose their children to the STATE. Wake up!
Sorry Ken, these were the very same college graduates that most parents want their own children to be. Wanna ruin your children? Send them to public schools. Want to see them become non-thinking liberal mush heads? Send them to a four--year liberal arts degree program. Want to ruin them for life? Borrow money from the government and see that they get an MBA. Go ahead people keep killing your children and their future. You think abortion is bad? Public Schools are the altar of living sacrifice.
Instead of demanding the dismissal of the 'administrators,' the parents are begging. Instead of removing their children and suing, the parents are, "begging," to have their children reinstated into a school system which is run by idiots and will fill their children's minds with more and worse liberal ideology. Parents had better wake up all over this country and that includes any parent who has children in any public school. Every single public school in this country is a threat to your future and your children's future. Do not be deceived. ALL public schools are bad. Every single one of them are run by crack-pots like this.
Notice that prior to the election the media purported to have polled 'voters,' and their poll showed that 60% of voters were opposed to the recall and yet, 60% of voters in the most liberal district voted in favor of recalling the stone deaf senator. I don't suppose that was a leftist media attempt to thwart voter turnout.
Yes, this will bite Nancy but nearly as hard as it should. After all, her constituents vote for her because she is a Democrat, not for her lies and her leftist ideology. As for the 'artists,' who elect her and others just like her they will feel the bite of their deception more than anyone. While I cannot feel sympathy for them or any other lying liberal scum, I just look at it for what it is; i.e.: the result of pure ignorance. Thank you Public Education. Want to find the cause of America's decline? Just look at the Education System. Keep throwing your children to the wolves you stupid Americans.
You forgot to mention, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, et al.
Well, Wayne, if opium was actually banned, there would be no morphine, no codeine and no effective pain remedies for cancer patients. The problem with your position is you are not in favor of a ban on plants. You are in favor of a government monopoly on growing, importing, owning and processing certain plants. That makes you a hypocrite. God created all seed bearing plants and said, "It is good." God did not say, 'seed-bearing plants are good for government to own, control and regulate but they are bad for humans who aren't in government.' dolt.
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