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Too late. It's, "The law of the land." And it has the stamp of approval from the USSC.
And you are giving them the money to accomplish it.
Voter Fraud, Welfare, Public Education and Public Sector Unions. Any questions?
Americans wanted Socialism... Well you're about to get it in a big gulp dose. You idiots have not even begun to see the results of this Obamacare disaster. You wait until the Employer Mandate kicks in. When group policies start getting dropped and massive premium increases in those group policies take over your covetous lives. When you have to mortgage your home to get the money to pay the premiums to keep your spouses and children on your policies or drop them and pray they can get on Medicaid. Your lives are coming to an end. You'll cancel your cable just to buy food. Your lives are over and you brought it on yourselves. Covetous, lazy bunch of fools!
Really?... Wait until the Employer Mandate kicks in... then things will really get ugly for those who are carrying the freight for the useless takers. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Most people are on their group plans and that is precisely why Obama dictated the delay in the Employer Mandate. This individual mandate causing millions of cancellations is just the tip of the iceberg. When the Group policies exponentially increase in the same manner and the spouses and children are dropped by the millions then it will get real interesting. Get ready America. Your wake up call is coming.
This clown has got to be senile. "People want me to run for President again, you know." Sure they do, John. Sure they do. When did they tell you that? April, 1st maybe? What a dope this guy is. Good grief.
First things first... Obamacare won't help anyone. Secondly, 80,000 a year is not, "middle-class." And, I am frankly sick and tired of hearing about, "those with pre-existing conditions." The fact is, those who have pre-existing conditions will not get health care. They will be deemed unworthy of care by the overseeing board, aka The DEATH Panels.
Rubio is wrong on amnesty too, but that isn't stopping him from helping the Demopublicans.
I notice that Mr. McAuliffe claims the superiority of the Constitutional right to kill one's offspring. I wonder... does he also vow to uphold the individual right to keep and bear arms? I doubt he does, but that only proves his deceit and his willingness to lie.
There will be such a 'rapture'. Have you not read the parable of, "The wheat and the tares?" Just as in the days of Noah? Who was taken away? Who was left behind? Two are at the well, one is taken the other is taken (swept) away... He who has an ear let him hear. "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." Have faith and do not doubt. There is nothing outside of faith, nothing outside of the power of the Creator, for all things have been put under the feet of He who is Lord. Judgement begins with the House of the Lord. Do not wonder at those who wander and worship the Beast. "Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven... He threw him into the abyss, then locked and sealed it over him. This was to keep him from continuing to deceive the nations until the thousand years were over. After this he must be released for a little while." Do not fear, for the LORD is KING. The LORD is GOD. Have you not heard? The LORD our GOD is Sovereign and HE laughs at the works of men who scurry like ants. He is our salvation, He is our deliverer. Put not your faith in princes, nor your faith on man depend. Life is but a mist that vanishes. You cannot serve two Masters. For you will love the one and hate the other. I know that most fear the loss of their finances and their position. This is the test. Put your faith in God. Everything else is a false God. Don't doubt Him. Consider the lilies of the field.
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Escaping 'Government' Schools

Parker01 Wrote: Oct 02, 2013 9:25 AM
Parents are 'failing' because they are also a product of the failed government education monopoly. The schools are the disease. The results of the disease are expressed in the symptoms. Stop focusing on the symptoms and treat the disease.
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