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Oh and this is a surprise? What did SLATE expect? The new and improved Terry McAuliffe? The born-again McAuliffe? Good grief! Haven't you heard, "you can put lipstick on a pig, but a pig is still a pig."
Oh, they understand the concept of insurance. They just refuse to admit that it costs real money to overcome their pie in the sky promises of getting something for nothing.
All I notice is she starts to 'answer' the question then just before she actually answers the question, she swerves into a subject change.
At the very least, they should be publicly CENSURED.
Does being stupid hurt? It has to.
Nancy the menopausal hag Pelosi, is still putting the lie to this debacle. I notice David Gregory still refuses to just call out this lying hag for what she and her 'friends' in the DNC are: LIARS.
And you forgot, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. The fathers of the American FASCIST form of Socialist economic theory.
Is John Cornyn suggesting a 'defunding' of a piece of Obamacare or is he now jumping on the Cruz bandwagon that he helped remove the wheels from? What a putz. And now, John "I'm just blowing in the wind" McCain is now calling for repeal of this legislative nightmare. These GOP Senators need castrated and thrown into the fire to be burned like so much chaff.
Well, we'll see what happens in January of 2015. You guys are all too busy listening to a fairy tale. Every single one of you are willing to stop at a roadside blockade and hand over your papers in order to get through the checkpoint. Every single one of you are willing to fill out your papers just for the privilege of handing over your earnings that are liened and levied by every level of government. This isn't a joke and don't tell me what I am regurgitating. Those are the FACTS. You can lie to yourself until you turn blue about who's running what and what the future holds. However, the biggest lie which is the one you gulped about 70 years ago is that the united States of America is the land of the free. Woodrow Wilson and FDR took that away before you were even born, I'd bet. Wake up.
That's what you think. Go ahead and buy that nonsense. You have been duped by the socialist's and your freedom has been taken, truncated and demolished. Don't you recognize that police put up roadblocks every single weekend? It's too late. Obamacare is LAW. It won't be repealed. The GOP had its chance and lost. Gave up and acquiesced to the media and the propaganda. Parents throw their children on school buses every single day, send them to Public Schools to be indoctrinated into the Socialist worldview. If you think this is going to turnaround anytime soon you're the one that needs to wake up and take a pill. Your life is about to go into a living hell. Good luck. You're outnumbered pal. You're outnumbered by people who vote for a living. Wait until these cretins pass amnesty before the next election cycle and see what your life consists of then. It's coming and don't doubt me.
Too late. It's, "The law of the land." And it has the stamp of approval from the USSC.
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