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they certainly make it difficult to take them seriously. I wonder though, who is nuttier? The Kerry's and Obama's of the world or the people who vote them in to office?
In other words, you're an unemployed, over 40 white male in a blue, pinstriped suit.
Maybe it's his turn to win the GOP nomination? The GOP seems to like this method of picking their nominee. It's like a romper room game of let's take turns. Huckabee is a buffoon.
Constitutional Conservatives will not vote for this twit.
A, "large minority?" Since when is a representative republic governed by the rule of, "a large minority?"
Second most conservative... when one compares that to Senators like McCain, McConnell, Graham, Snowe, Portman, (shall I continue?) landing in second place shouldn't be hard to achieve. Wouldn't it be better if he were the MOST conservative member of the Senate? As I said, if it's a close race, Cornyn and the people of TX will be better off. I see nothing wrong in challenging Cornyn to becoming a better, more conservative public servant.
The worst thing that can happen in this is Stockman can make a real race out of this and wake Cornyn up to the reality that he is in DC to serve the people of TX who elect him, not to serve his personal aspirations or his 'pals' at the cocktail parties. The best thing would be Stockman wins and adds another true conservative servant to the people of TX.
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America: Land of the Adult-Children

Parker01 Wrote: Dec 02, 2013 7:12 AM
I always say, "Children, impersonating adults." To call them, "Adult-children," would infer a certain amount of maturity beyond the physical. Sorry, they are perpetually stuck in infantile mode, hormones excepted.
Oh and this is a surprise? What did SLATE expect? The new and improved Terry McAuliffe? The born-again McAuliffe? Good grief! Haven't you heard, "you can put lipstick on a pig, but a pig is still a pig."
Oh, they understand the concept of insurance. They just refuse to admit that it costs real money to overcome their pie in the sky promises of getting something for nothing.
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