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Colorado Massacre: No Causes, No Cures

paratisi Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 5:39 PM
Mr. Medved is right. Nothing will stop these Mass Murders/Massacres 100%. That being said there is a way to take away the confidence of these Murderers. There is a way to take away the perception of easy targets. The one commonality in all Mass Murders/Massacres on U.S. soil over the last 50yrs, is that they all took Place in "Gun Free Zones". Take away the easy targets...take away the sense of confidence that the terrorists will be unopposed. Take away the perception that no one will shoot back and you take away the terrorists belief of an advantage. Ban All Gun Free Zones! God Bless America!
Jay Wye Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 7:13 PM
that is how it works in Israel,where the "Palestinians" were attacking Israeli schools,UNTIL Israel allowed school employees to be armed while at school,and the next attack was met with lots of return fire. That stopped PLO attacks on Israeli schools.

But OUR "progressives" never learn....
they'd rather people DIE than allow Constitutional firearm carriage.

Vermont,Alaska,Arizona,and Wyoming are the only US states that have it right.
Editors' note: this column originally appeared at the Daily Beast.

After the grisly massacre in Colorado no one will attend weekend showings of The Dark Knight Rises with expectations of a rollicking, uplifting, feel-good night at the movies. But even before its association with horrifying images of real-life mass murder, this final installment in the current Batman series suffered from serious deficiencies in terms of its fun factor. It’s wrong to suggest that the movie provoked the killings in its midnight Aurora premiere, but those crimes do, in a sense, expose the nihilistic darkness at the heart of the film...