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Really? Can you cite a source on that?
Psy, I guess you're talking about the native American thing? Frankly, I find it refreshing that the only dirt her opponents can find is that 20 years ago she believed and repeated a family myth of trace native American heritage. She isn't in the pocket of the financial gangsters who are ruining our nation, and she's sharp enough to counter their tactics. I think she's just what we need more of in politics.
I'm so excited for Warren! My hope is that she'll reverse her decision and run for the top spot. Even if she doesn't, it's great to have a legitimate critic of the wall street / banksters in office.
There isn't much controversy, Merle. Gosnell was a monster and a criminal, whether you're on the left or the right. I hope they make a ton of money and raise massive awareness. Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.
Ohh.. I see. Yes, because those plans aren't actually full health coverage, which is now mandated by law. Copy that. Another way to say this: 300,000 people in Florida who were paying for only partial health insurance will now be able to affordably purchase full coverage.
Stuart, could you cite your source on the 300k people losing health insurance? I definitely didn't hear about that.
Did you ever notice how liberals are prepared to critique even those figures and policies that they ostensibly support? Personally, I find that trait admirable.
Haaaa... sour grapes. As a liberal, it's fun to sit and watch this in-fighting. My only hope is that the extremists don't crush the moderates. We really ought to have some level-headed conservatives representing us in Congress - if the extremists win out, we'll be left with kooks who are out to destroy the government itself.
Lois, this is precisely why we should all have mandatory health insurance.
Henry, I read that we should "let the free market sort it out." So far as I can tell, the free market does not provide goods or services for free to anyone unless compelled. And so my question stands: should the govt compel hospitals to provide emergency care to those who cannot afford it?
Jason, if that's what you want then you should be pleased -- that's what we have! Our debt is quite small and manageable in terms of our total wealth. The extreme position is to shut down the govt in a last ditch effort to stop legislation which has passed fairly, including a supreme court challenge and a national election.
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