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How the Republicans Could Lose the House

para_dimz Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 4:35 PM
He indicated perfectly clearly that he supports NO issue which to go for. I'm already in the abandon the Republicans camp for doing exactly this when thry had the chance. Now, Goodman wants to rationalize two more years of standing still? Guess what? I care not one whit if fighting and doing the right thing knocks out some officeholders They're expendable as far as I'm concerned. The right time NEVER comes with the Republican party. I'm convinced, after 38 years of voting for them that they don't want to do the right thing. When they had the chance they overreached on issues that were liberal or crony capitalist, in the main. Fight or be fired. Die trying or quit.

The Republican Party is in danger of another big loss. This time, they could lose the House of Representatives, giving the Democrats control of both chambers as well as the White House.

The Democratic Party cannot possibly achieve this victory on its own. We are experiencing the slowest recovery in our nation’s history. Economic growth is tepid. The job numbers are awful. Millions of people are out of work precisely because of the policies of the Obama administration.

Ask any employer, any banker, any investor — regardless of party affiliation — and you are likely to hear the same stories. ObamaCare...