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Extreme Makeover: Rebuilding the GOP

para_dimz Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 9:45 PM
Pander. The electorate finally got its fill of the Republicans votes that seemed at odds with Republican principles. So what do they do? Chuck the prinicples and pander. Yeah, that'll work. The Dems have that game covered.

WASHINGTON - The Republican National Committee unveiled a 100 page blueprint Monday to rebuild the GOP, after months of focus groups and data analysis to find out why they lost last year's presidential election. Sadly, what they found wasn't any great discovery.

They lost because they utterly failed to reach out to our nation's largest minorities, including Hispanics, blacks and Asian Americans, or enough jobless and underemployed people who were hurt by the relentlessly anemic Obama economy.

More than half of all college grads could not find jobs last year that were commensurate with their educational levels and skills, but...