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Two comments. What we are doing is akin to picking dandelions in a dandelion field. You can get them all... till the next sunrise. You have to sterilize the land they grow on. Kill all the breeders, feeders and fair weather allies, Not just the combatants in the field. Many have remarked that killing the combatants was much like beheading a Medusa. Ues, much. Secondly, making the distinctions between ISIS, ISIL, Hamas, Al-Queda, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, PLO, ...did I forget any? Schwartzenneger said it best in the movie True Lies when Jamie Lee asked gim if he killed anybody. He answered, "Yes, but they're ALL bad!" Very simple and the need for hair splitting distinctions is put aside. ...and a p.s. To win the war with much less bloodshed charge the United States Navy with a mission to pirate ALL shipments of oil out of the middle east to be sold by us with the profits going into the U.S. Treasury, to the original holders of the contract for the oil minus a security fee. We'll starve them of everything, i.e. sterilize the ground in no time.
The Gordian knot that has us hamstrung is a kite string of our own making. It's much ado about nothing. We can cut it at will with virtually no effort. While this doesn't go directly to O'Reilly's suggestion it does indicate that a mercenary force isn't necessary except as a cloak over our own games of make believe in warmaking. War is simple.
I don't see this happening. Oil has assumed an economic function that has added a tool in the fiscal/monetary toolbox. Namely it acts as a tax to absorb the excesses of fiscal/monetary policy. To get the tax to work all the lever throwers and button pushers have to do is excite a Muslim to make something go boom. Viola! A tax like increase on the American people and a sponge to soak up excess, inflationary disturbances they created. No one has to vote, it's never the fault of the lever throwers and button pushers and they can continue to control/suppress the economy while enjoying the privilege of having first crack at the inflationary spout.
On the first point, other than a matter of changeable law or pliable policy, I don't see why the FED cannot give away money. Just asking. I mean, suppose the FED "loaned" money at zero percent? Why is that out of the question, not as a matter of good or bad policy but as a matter of fact? Please establish the factual limits before we get into the policy consequences. On the second point, I did not see a single attempt to explain what would be ludicrous about giving away money. It's just given as a statement that should be accepted as fact with nothing to back it up. Really, just asking. How is it any more ludicrous than fiat money combined with fractional reserve banking? I don't see the present situation as having been all that wise since 1913. If you assume I am in favor of the FED giving away money, you mistake my clear attempt to ask. In fact I would prefer a rather hefty rate increase, the resultant sharp but hopefully short recession and see where we should go from there.
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Your 'To Do' List to Save America

para_dimz Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 8:33 AM
Somewhere around Jan. 22, 2015 there will be a news flash issued jointly by Boehner and McConnel to the effect that it is pointless to take votes that Obama will automatically veto; a waste of government time and taxpayer money. Bank on it. Nothing changes. It, the news flash, is also the jumping off point where the Rs appeal for the 2015 POTUS spot in order to do the things they promised they'd do since 2010... and didn't.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

para_dimz Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 8:19 AM
Outstanding. I have a request. Can someone ask Hugh Hewitt to read this one line: "The bottom line is that much of the Muslim world is at war with Western civilization." No one's told Hugh this yet and he unknowingly embarrassed himself this morning on TH.
We are not at war with Islam. Islam is at war with us. It's a fine line distinction among the "i"literratti but I make it for the sake of honesty and their migraines if they should read it.
Let's get our terms straight, shall we? This will not be a war. It will be combat done by professional soldiers, sailors amd airmen. But it will not resemble war anymore than a child's cry resembles poetry. Yet, a good old fashioned war, a visit of utter desolation on the land and its inhabitants is long overdue.
"How do we reverse this creeping despair that we have drifted too far away from our founding principles? It's simple. I think we must go back to the source of our great American experiment: the U.S. Constitution." Beautiful sentimemt. But, like trying to explain music to a donkey, wasted on a beast who hasn't either desire or ability to understand. The founders warned of ruination for the nation that abandoned the constitutional principles. They only said one thing about a remedy should we have reached the point which we now have. Something to do with refreshing the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants AND patriots. So then, have the men who designed the document already told us the awful solution? Carson offers nothing past a cliche. What've you got?
"...they will explain that "microaggressions" are the true problem faced by blacks in America, not lack of education, poverty or unwed motherhood." What kind of sissy lets "microagressions" get in their way?
If access to media is going to cost money, of course, why should speech be throttled by one's access to money? If I have a dollar and you have two why should my free speech be outbid by yours? If speech comes at a price and money is the price hasn't money become a censor? Or rather, if you will, a gatekeeper? Then, because of the laws of economics money has hindered speech. Conversely, if all speech were entitled to equal access the amount of speech would become nothing more than a cacophony. First, we must see that there is really a problem in how money acts as a censor. Then we must find out how to make money be a tool to catalyze the flow rather than the content of speech. It is a hard rock to be under.
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