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Can a Grand Bargain Ever Work?

para_dimz Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 9:05 AM
At the moment I fall in with Incredulous2. John Goodman maintains the fantasy that the Dems are negotiable. Therefore he wastes time, electrons and bytes. He and others also cannot envision a strategic retreat. Its unthinkable just as much believing Dems are negotiable. We will go nowhere with the Rs in leadership as long as they continue with the same failed approach to legislative and policy-making gamesmanship. They just do not get it. OR, they're in on it. Either way, we get the same bad deal.

The idea behind a grand bargain to get the federal budget deficit under control is a simple one. Republicans agree to tax increases and Democrats agree to spending cuts.

In a previous post I warned that this could be a trap for Republicans, just like similar budget deals have been in the past.

There are two problems. First, the tax increases will hit immediately, while the spending cuts will be mainly in the future. That means future Congress's will have an opportunity to renege on the agreement before any serious spending reduction takes place. Second, all the serious spending increases...